Tell your story… 

So you have an idea? An idea that you want to communicate with the world. But at the moment it’s just an idea, a thought that you’re not sure what to do with. A great idea could be lost if you can’t make sense of it. Here at Evocative we will teach you how to add a narrative and story techniques to communicate your message!

Sell your story…

 There’s one thing having a great message but when it’s you and a room full of people how do you deliver it? And if you’re good you can always be better. There’s always a point to a presentation or something you want your audience to take away and act on. It’s easy to miss this and perhaps miss an opportunity. Evocative can help make sure that your audience are left with your message and impressed by how you delivered it.

Share your story…

Whether it’s an engaging presentation or a creative video you can reach a huge audience by using software. The great news is that we can develop one for you or show you how to make your own! Evocative can help you bring your story to life and let it live long in your audience’s memory.




Creative Training. Our expert training in creative software including Prezi, Videoscribe and PowerPoint will teach you the fundamentals and get you up and running. More you say? Well all training can be made bespoke and factor in your particular requirements to an advanced level. Maybe there’s a project you’re working on at the moment that we can build the training around or combine with the fundamentals of Presentation Skills. Slide based presentations get a bad rap and this is often justified – but we can help you unlearn the bad habits and use tools like PowerPoint in a dynamic way!


Presentation Skills. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never created or delivered a presentation in your life or whether you’re experienced but feel you could be making more of an impact. Here at Evocative we are passionate about Presentations and believe there is a lot to be learned from Storytelling that can be applied. People love stories but are often bored out of their minds during presentations. Let us show you how adding a narrative and storytelling techniques can transform your presentations!


Design Work. Evocative can also produce Presentations and Whiteboard Explainer Videos for you. Perhaps you have an old PowerPoint presentation that could do with being updated or transformed into something more interesting? If so talk to us!

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