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Vote Evocative!

The Evocative vote goes to… Not really! At Evocative we are keen to work with all types of Organisation, of sane mind, where we feel we can help them communicate their message. That said, we are happy to rule out any coalition with the UK Independence Party! There is one key issue that we feel

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Unlucky Star

We’ve all been there: mid performance embarrassment due to an unpredicted cape detachment incident. Possibly not. But like the high profile Brit Awards predicament for Madonna we probably have all been in situations where we are thrown by an unexpected problem when presenting. When all we want is for the ground to swallow us up

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It’s Been a Bad Day…

Statistically the most depressing day of the year has come and gone, like Christmas. Blue Monday; how was it for you? A combination of January Blues, gloomy weather and the long insufferable wait until the next Payday have earned last Monday (19th) this title. With this backdrop in mind the subject for this post is

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You Had Me at Canva!

Good news, it’s a mutual match! A complex set of algorithms leads us to believe that we have found you a perfect partner. Canva is quite possibly about to become your go-to resource when working on future presentations. If this is the first you’ve heard of it then you may be about to join its

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He For She

He For She At the time of writing the He For She campaign has exceeded its original target of 100,000 members with 17,208 additional men signing up to support the cause. My sources are Primary: I can confirm this as ‘Man Number 117,208’! Emma Watson’s presentation was a great example of a presenter knowing her

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Prezi Kucha

Prezi Day is fast approaching and my excitement is twofold: I’m looking forward to learn more about the innovative ways that people all over the world are using Prezi to communicate their unique message but having also been asked to present a ‘Prezi Kucha’ I’m keen to share with everyone my own experience! The Pecha

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