You Had Me at Canva!

Good news, it’s a mutual match! A complex set of algorithms leads us to believe that we have found you a perfect partner. Canva is quite possibly about to become your go-to resource when working on future presentations. If this is the first you’ve heard of it then you may be about to join its 1,000,000 registered users that have been creating an average of 437,000 designs each week.


As someone who puts together presentations you may have struggled knowing where to start when it comes to design and the use of imagery. For example do you create or source the non-text elements? Maybe the prospect of working with Creative Software is daunting and difficult to get your head around. Similarly when you’re looking for images, perhaps you’re not sure what kind will work with your presentation or indeed what good design even looks like! Canva proves that Graphic Designers and creators of complicated Design Software creators no longer have the monopoly on good design.


Chief Evangelist Guy Kawasaki claims that ‘Canva democratises design’ in the same way that Macintosh democratized computers and Google democratized access to information. Canva is deliberately easy to use and it’s inspiring to immediately be surrounded by great design work and a market place of experts. There are plenty of resources to enjoy and it’s great for collaboration and learning from others. However Canva’s Design School deserves special mention with its excellent guidance on areas like Layout, Branding and use of Colour. It goes way beyond just being a starting point and will put you far ahead of most presenters who are using bad imagery and LOTS of text.


At Evocative we believe that everyone can be creative but sometimes just need to be shown the way. Along with creative tools like Prezi and Sparkol’s Videoscribe, Canva should be considered a great way of helping you tell your story.


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Brett Gillman