He For She

He For She

At the time of writing the He For She campaign has exceeded its original target of 100,000 members with 17,208 additional men signing up to support the cause. My sources are Primary: I can confirm this as ‘Man Number 117,208’! Emma Watson’s presentation was a great example of a presenter knowing her audience and delivering a moving and carefully crafted message that has already resonated with exactly the people intended; men who have previously not engaged with the issue of Gender Equality.

She was understandably nervous presenting at the United Nations but the success and publicity generated by her excellent speech shows that we respond to the human and emotional element of a Presentation. Statistics and Data are essential but it’s only when we wrap a narrative around the cold hard information that we emphasise the meaning. Yes, the issues raised were global but the way she discussed them was very personal and delivered in a way that the audience could relate to. If anything I think that her occasional struggles with nerves actually reinforced the message and made the talk all the more effective. She successfully helped connect the ‘big story’ with all the ‘little stories’ of her watching global audience.

We can bring Presentations to life by using fantastic Creative Software packages but they should never overshadow the human element. Emma Watson’s presentation shows that we can forgive nerves if the content and delivery itself strikes the audience as being genuine and authentic. Standing up and talking in front of people remains a peculiar modern fear that new and seasoned presenters continue to experience. But I know I would definitely rather watch a presentation that has a clear message, is intended for me and is delivered in a conversational way as opposed to a super-slick slideshow that talks around cold data and stats in a way I can’t relate to!

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Brett Gillman