Prezi Kucha

Prezi Day is fast approaching and my excitement is twofold: I’m looking forward to learn more about the innovative ways that people all over the world are using Prezi to communicate their unique message but having also been asked to present a ‘Prezi Kucha’ I’m keen to share with everyone my own experience! The Pecha Kucha format is fascinating and challenges what we thought we knew about what presentations are and how they should be delivered. In the brief 6 minutes and 40 seconds duration, made up of 20 frames/slides in 20 seconds, it’s surprising what you can achieve. Time constraints can often increase creativity and actually help you focus on what’s important and what you want to achieve. A presentation shouldn’t ever resemble a report or be packed with excessive detail anyway so the format really works! If a report is required then a report should be written. A presentation for me is a teaser or a trailer that brings data to life and gives it meaning for the audience.

Although the delivery time is short the preparation required to plan and create a Prezi Kucha has taken me just as long as normal to put together. With any presentation it can be a challenge reigning in the content and stopping yourself from sharing with your audience EVERYTHING you know about a particular subject. If you do this the important message you’re trying to deliver might just get lost along the way. A focused and to the point presentation lets your audience know that you know what you’re talking about! It can be just important what you choose to leave out than what you decide to put in. I like the example Garr Reynolds gives in the excellent book Presentation Zen where he talks about arriving to deliver a presentation but needing to adapt due to having less time than expected. A bit like an elevator pitch, you need to quickly become very focused upon the message you need to deliver in a very brief period of time.

So if you’re in Copenhagen next week please come and say hi and enjoy the Prezi Day programme. If you have a spare 6 minutes and 40 seconds it would also be great to see you at my talk.
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Brett Gillman