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Not really! At Evocative we are keen to work with all types of Organisation, of sane mind, where we feel we can help them communicate their message. That said, we are happy to rule out any coalition with the UK Independence Party!

There is one key issue that we feel strongly about and that’s the audience’s right not to endure boring presentation after boring presentation. Are you with me? Can we account on your support? Vote Evocative!

Ahead of May 7th General Election, Political Parties in Britain are jostling for position and looking for an opportunity to communicate their ‘unique’ vision for the future. Opinion Polls fluctuate on a daily basis as have perceptions of the so-called winners and losers in the series of Leaders debates. All roads appear to point to another coalition government, potentially involving more parties than previously. It’s a tight race, difficult to call and more important than ever for parties to express their unique appeal. But should we care? I mean they’re all the same anyway, right? Twitter feeds, manifestos, email and postal communications have relentlessly tried to convince us otherwise.

Yes there is a degree of stage management and at times several voices interrupting and talking over each other is a bit like watching a bad pantomime. However, I’ve really found the presentations and debates in the campaign intriguing and it appears that I’m not alone. 4.3 million people watched the televised Opposition Leadership televised debates (that didn’t even involve the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister). Politics is about ideas and there’s nothing more compelling than someone having an idea and personally communicating it.

But do the politicians always seem genuine? Are they believable? Can you trust them? Despite all the information available on their policies we make judgements often not on the detail but on what they say and how they communicate, their personalities and even how likeable they appear to be. When we present, the same thing happens for our audience. A confident, honest and skilled delivery is reassuring for an audience and we need them to buy into us as much as our product, whatever that might be.

So, like the leaders of the political parties, if you have a story you want to share go communicate it! Evocative believe visuals are important and tools like Prezi are fantastic but they count for little if your delivery isn’t particularly human or is lacking in emotional appeal. In our own way we’re all looking to win over ‘floating voters’ or those unsure of whether to buy into us and what we’re offering. So, next time you prepare for a presentation consider what’s unique about you (and your ‘product’)? What’s in it for your audience? Why should they listen to what you have to say? Regardless of the result there’s a lot we can learn from what we see in this campaign; the things that resonate with us and those that turn us off.

Maybe the campaign has convinced you that electoral politics isn’t for you. At Evocative we certainly think it’s time for a revolution in how we present and engage audiences. You won’t see us on a ballot paper but if you’d like to find out more about how our approach and how we can help your Organisation you’re your story please get in touch. Unless you’re Nigel Farage.

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Brett Gillman